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About Sharp Focus

Our experience becomes yours

Sharp Focus was born of a need for high quality and accurate CAD drawings for entertainment use. Seth Conlin, owner of Sharp Focus, recognized this growing need after over 10 years of being a lighting crew chief on several large, high profile tours.   The time lost in trying to get busy crew members from different vendors to keep track of rapidly changing production designs, keep all departments and necessary parties informed, all the while using drawings from many other sources, was costly and inefficient.  Having all data updated in one place was the key, and thus Sharp Focus became a key element in providing the ability to do this.

Seth has worked on some of the largest touring shows globally as lighting crew chief. Def Leppard, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, The Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Queen with Adam Lambert, and Muse are just some of the shows that he draws his experience from. Working in the capacity of Lighting Crew Chief, he has the unique perspective of seeing how shows need to be assembled in the most efficient way, and as an extension, how these shows fit into venues of all types. Also, providing venue and site drawings for the last 5 years to one of Canada's newest NHL and entertainment arenas puts him in the unique position to combine these areas of expertise. Let this experience and expertise be a tool for you to use to keep your teams on one page when preparing your next show of any kind. 

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