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Image by Jorik Kleen

Lighting Design Support

For Busy Designers

Are you a busy designer, trying to keep up with your clients, get your drawings out to vendors, production managers, creative directors, and artists while trying to keep your sanity and creative edge?  We can help.  From concept through to finalized plots, we can take care of the drawing and updating for you.  With a deep understanding of how to build and tour lighting systems for major tours, we can keep your plots updated and presentable, and do it in a reasonable time frame. This allows you to focus on creating at your max  without having to waste your valuable time constantly updating drawings.  We can also work with your programmers, crew chiefs and vendors to make sure that the plots are accurate and have all the information needed.  You will always have control of your plots, and all drawings will correspond to your output and graphical requirements.  We are here to help.

Lighting Design Support: Service
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